COVID Passport Microchip Developer Says Chipping Of Humans Is Happening

( Remember when the Democrats and the mainstream press were demonizing people during the early days of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout who expressed their concerns at the possibility of the rollout of microchips that may make it easier for government bodies to spy on citizens?

Well, it’s becoming clearer every day that those concerns actually had some merit.

The developer of a microchip that’s designed to be implanted in the human body, a company that is linked to the development of COVID-19 vaccine passports, has said that the mass chipping of human beings will happen “whether we like it or not.”

Dsruptive Subdermals, a Swedish start-up tech firm that invented a microchip that can be implanted into people’s arms, has said that digital implants are so plausible that they are likely to be implemented worldwide.

Speaking to the Daily Express, a British newspaper, managing director of the firm Hannes Sjoblad hit back at critics of his company.

“This technology exists and is used whether we like it or not,” he said. “I am happy that it is brought into the public conversation.”

He also argued that these chips, which he called “smart implants,” will become a “powerful health technology.”

The technology is already widely used in pets, but it is now being used in humans and could pave the way for a new alternative to the COVID-19 passport. Each chip costs just 100 Euros and works in the same way it does for pets – all it requires is a machine to digitally scan the chip, and see what data it contains.

What do you think – will this technology take off? Or have people already had enough of this nonsense?

Read the full interview here.