Court Releases Dangerous Illegal Alien Caught By ICE

Since January of 2021, it is estimated that over 5 million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border into America. Mexico, a nation also grappling with serious gubernatorial problems and corruption, continues to remain indifferent to the patterns of migration, and the nation simply has been unable to manage its northern border. Many public officials in the country also are opposed to America having the right to national sovereignty by securing its border. The mayor of Tijuana bashed the migrant policies on the United States (which may be viewed as weak to begin with) by installing a 3-ton concrete slab of the Berlin wall near the border.

The piece was installed on August 13th. Tijuana mayor Montserrat Caballero had been contacted by the artifact’s initial owner, Marcos Cline. Cline had initially sought to deliver the slab to President Donald Trump while he was living at the White House during his presidency but was refused the opportunity. The Berlin chunk is located near new construction of border wall. Biden had initially halted any further construction of the wall after taking office but has since decided to restart construction which had already been contracted under Trump.

Biden and his administration have undoubtedly governed in a derelict manner. Biden has not upheld his oath to defend and protect the United States and has put the national security and the safety of the American people at risk through his appalling handling of a porous southern border. But it now appears that it is not just Biden and his administration that seek to damage the country and allow foreign criminals to infiltrate American communities. In a recent ruling, a state court in Massachusetts allowed an illegal migrant that had been charged with rape, battery, and assault to walk free. This was done in open defiance to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), who had caught the 35 year old Guatemalan national in Lynn on November 21st.