Could House Republicans REMOVE Pelosi As Speaker Over Impeachment Threat?

( Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy indicated on Wednesday that he would move to remove Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her position if she follows through on threats to bring forward new impeachment charges against President Donald Trump.

Pelosi indicated last week that she would consider fresh impeachment charges against the president in an attempt to stop him nominating a new Supreme Court Justice. It comes after left-wing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lost her battle with cancer last Friday.

During an interview on Capitol Hill, McCarthy discussed the comments made by Pelosi on Sunday.

“I will make you this one promise, listening to the speaker on television this weekend, if she tries to move for an impeachment based upon the president following the Constitution, I think there will be a move on the floor to no longer, or the question for her being Speaker,” he said. “She may think she has a quiver…we do too.”

McCarthy followed up on his comments during a press conference.

“If she tries to move for an impeachment, based upon the president following the Constitution, we will make the move to remove her from speakership,” he said.

McCarthy’s “quiver” comment was made in reference to an analogy used by Pelosi during an ABC interview. Speaking to George Stephanopoulos about the possibility of moving to impeach President Trump or Attorney General William Barr “as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination,” Pelosi said, “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now.”

The idea of moving to impeach President Trump yet again has been supported by various other high-profile Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

President Donald Trump responded to the news that Democrats were considering attempting to impeach him again, and told Fox & Friends that he believes the Republicans will win back the House if the Democrats go ahead with it.

“I heard yesterday, I heard if I do it, if I do it, they’re going to impeach me. So they’re impeaching me for doing what I constitutionally have to do,” the president told Fox on Monday.

“Here’s the thing …  and I think then we win the election, then we win all elections if they do that. You saw what happened the last time, my numbers went way up last time they did it … if they do, my numbers will go up. I think we’ll win the entire election. I think we’ll win the House. I think we’re going to win back the House, I really do. I think we’re going to win the House anyway,” he added.