Could Donald Trump Quit Running For President?

( According to an opinion piece for the national security blog 19fortyfive, Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign is off to a rocky start.

The campaign, which was announced in mid-November, has drawn criticism for being lackluster and launching at the wrong time, according to the article’s author. He even linked to a far-left article as his proof.

The author asserted that despite the controversy, legal issues, and declining support, Trump’s stock has never been lower.  He says many observers, including Conservatives, are urging Trump to resign from the race, but Trump is unlikely to quit.

Which Conservatives would they be? Conservative Inc.?

The author notes that the combined effect of the scandal, lawsuits, and election losses would cause most people to quit. Trump, however, is different. Trump will move forward regardless of popular opinion,  his legal situation, and how the media portrays him.

Admit it.
You miss those mean Tweets, too.

The report continued with descriptions of the horrifying past few days for the former President. Another of Trump’s midterm endorsees Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia lost.  And a jury found the Trump Organization (not Trump himself) guilty of tax fraud. [You can read the rest at this link.]

The facts are Herschel Walker’s campaign told Trump to stay away, and some voters didn’t bother to show up because they assumed their votes wouldn’t count due to the election “irregularities” Georgia Republicans have suffered since 2020.
It is 2022, and nothing has changed, judging from the reports.

And where is the GOP? Nowhere.

The party establishment has wholly abandoned the GOP’s traditional values in its hysterical push to reject Trump, according to Emerald Robinson, host of The Absolute Truth.

Robinson explained that the corrupt corporate media frequently portray the GOP civil war as a battle between President Trump and the party establishment. This has discouraged millions of Republican voters, which may be their most enduring political achievement.

Is Donald Trump perfect? Not even close.  But the GOP establishment, not Trump, is who wrecked the GOP. Trump only exposed them for what they are.