Corrupt New York Officials Trying To Force NRA To Stay

( 16 Republican attorneys general have asked a federal bankruptcy court to ignore efforts by far-left New York Attorney General Letitia James to dismiss a bankruptcy case filed by the National Rifle Association. The Republican officials accuse the New York activist AG of abusing her power to get the organization shut down.

The NRA has long been a target of the Democrats.

In a filing this week, the 16 attorneys general say that the statements made by James “are nothing short of startling.”

“The New York AG’s promise to ‘take down the NRA’ if elected, coupled with her description of the NRA’s advocacy as ‘poisonous’ and ‘deadly propaganda,’ makes it clear that the NRA’s message is the impetus for the New York AG’s dissolution request,” the filing reads.

James, who is also investigating former President Donald Trump’s business dealings in a politically motivated effort, has long said she intends to bring down the NRA and her efforts to stop the organization’s bankruptcy filing could achieve it. The Republicans say that the NRA should be allowed to leave New York State “for greener pastures” in Texas because of the AG’s efforts to destroy it and “silence” its members.

Republicans also argued that there was nothing improper about the NRA seeking to file for bankruptcy and relocate, to ensure that the organization “emerges intact from its ongoing battle with its powerful politically motivated opponent.”

“Seeking to thwart responsible government oversight is one thing; getting out from under the thumb of government officials abusing their office is another,” a statement continued.

This isn’t the first hurdle the NRA has faced. In January, a judge denied a motion from the NRA to dismiss, stay or transfer a suit that was filed by James’ office to dissolve the NRA.

The suit was filed last August by the NY AG, accusing the leaders of the organization of spending millions of dollars in membership money on luxury items like cruises and private flights.

This is make or break for America’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group.

In the latest filing, the Republican attorneys general say that the members of the group will not be served well if they lose control over the NRA’s assets.