Cops Shoot Dead XL Bully Dog for Attacking Woman

An XL Bully mauled a woman, and shocking online footage captures the moment the dog was shot dead by police.

According to the Greater Manchester Police, the ferocious dog went on a rampage and assaulted other members of the public. The victim was quickly taken to the hospital.

According to the police, not even the use of specially trained policemen could get the dog under control again.

The video, which has gone viral, shows two armed cops pursuing the animal on Friday night in Eccles, Salford, Manchester.

The dog, whose breed has been officially declared illegal, is seen frantically racing and scurrying among parked automobiles. There were reports of a Taser being discharged prior to the six gunshots that put the dog down.

The police said that killing the dog was their “last possible option.” A GMP official stated that the dog had to be destroyed at the scene due to the risk and harm it was causing as a banned breed and the fact that local officers and the public were unable to subdue the animal.

The XL Bully’s owner is still a mystery, according to the police.

After a spate of assaults this year, the breed was subject to tight ownership regulations.

XL bullies are now governed by stringent regulations that mandate their muzzling and leash use in public places.

The spokesman said they understand the concern this incident will raise within the community, but officers have a duty to act in challenging situations on a regular basis to keep everyone safe. Specialized officers, trained for situations like the one they encountered, tried to save the dog.

A “full briefing” of the events had been sought by Deputy Mayor Kate Green, who is in charge of policing, according to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.