Conservative Site Owners Implicated In Massive Hacking Leak

( An anonymous group of online hackers who call themselves “Anonymous” have just released the names, passwords, and addresses of administrators of various websites described by left-wing activists as “far right.”

Hackers targeted a Washington-based domain registrar known as “Epik” which provides hosting services to websites that have been kicked off mainstream platforms. Some of these websites are genuinely “far right” in the sense that they promote white nationalist ideas, but many websites are actually just considered politically incorrect and have been “canceled” by social justice warriors.

Examples of websites hosted by Epik include Gab and Parler, two alternative social media platforms that are popular among conservatives who are regularly censored on Twitter. They are not “far-right” websites by any stretch.

And even if they are…since when is it right to expose personal information and put peoples’ lives in danger by encouraging left-wing activists to track people down?

It means that the safety of an unknown number of people is now in jeopardy.

150GB worth of data was made publicly available on September 13, along with a letter urging research to find the people they have exposed and to track the “worst trash the Internet has to offer.”

This is what far-left social justice politics does – it destroys lives and could ultimately get people killed.

The shocking breach was first reported by Steven Monacelli, a freelance reporter, on September 13.

Epik provides services to activists, groups, and businesses that have been denied service by other registrars following harassment campaigns by social justice warriors. It is a “free speech” platform that does not deny service to anybody, so long as they are not breaking the law.

The hack reveals how social justice warriors, including hackers, are so desperate to ensure that conservatives do not have a voice that they will endanger political opponents’ lives when they can’t successfully get them de-platformed off the internet.

Epik was founded in 2009 by Robert Monster.