Congresswoman Challenges Kamala Harris To A Basketball Game

( Vice President Kamala Harris is being challenged to a one-on-one basketball match by Florida Republican Rep. Kat Cammack. If Harris loses, she must visit the US/Mexico border.

Cammack pointed out that despite a record number of illegal migrants being caught each month trying to enter the United States this year, border czar Harris hasn’t traveled to the border to personally observe the issue.

According to reports, after speaking out against President Biden’s attempt to broaden Title IX protections for gender identity, Cammack joined House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP lawmakers in criticizing Vice President Harris. Cammack remarked that someone recently showed her a video of Vice President Harris shooting some hoops, and she didn’t look like she had much game.

Cammack thought it would be a friendly wager if she offered to play one-on-one with the Harris on the court. If Cammack wins, Harris has to go to the border.

The Republican Cammack was a former basketball player who played for over ten years. She said the challenge would be fun. But more than that, they’ll be able to talk openly about women’s sports. And once Cammack wins and Harris has to travel to the border, they could even go farther in discussing women’s issues.

Reports show Cammack asserted that Biden’s proposal to extend Title IX rights to transgender people prioritizes gender identity over biological sex.
The physiological differences between men and women might occasionally lead to harmful situations in some sports. That’s not only unfair and unjust; it’s also dangerous.

The Florida Representative remarked that they heard from hundreds of young women who have been athletes their entire lives. They have sacrificed and prepared, and their championships, podiums, and medals have been taken from them because biological males have suddenly decided to take up their sport. She continued the thought by alleging Biden’s planned regulation change shows that his administration doesn’t care about biological women.

Cammack recently spoke with Caitlyn Jenner, who has been vocal on this subject.

According to Cammack, Jenner competed in the male division as a biological male and never participated in women’s sports. The real question is whether we have been socialized to be so politically correct that we will regress.
Biden’s proposed rule change deprives a biological woman of her rights and prevents her from competing among her peers.

Curiously, Democrats keep insisting they are for women’s rights, yet they constantly push for men to take their place in all areas of life.