Congressmember Violently Assaulted

( In 2022, the City Council of Washington, District of Columbia, enacted legislation that would, by 2025, end the use of mandatory minimum sentences, permit jury trials in all instances involving misdemeanors, and lessen the penalty for carjackings and robberies.

On Thursday morning, the House of Representatives voted to disapprove the bill. All 219 Republicans present voted in favor of the resolution, and 31 Democrats joined them to support the motion.

In light of the left’s measures and wishes to be soft on crime, some would say the recent spate of crime against DC politicians is a bit of karma.

According to a statement sent by her office on Thursday morning, Democratic Minnesota Representative Angie Craig was attacked while riding the elevator in her apartment building.

The complaint filed by the Metro PD said the suspect initially appeared in the lobby of Craig’s apartment building before following her into an elevator. According to the complaint, the suspect started doing pushups before attacking Craig by striking her in the chin and grabbing her by the neck.

It stated that Representative Craig was attacked in the elevator of her apartment building in Washington, District of Columbia, at around 7:15 this morning. Reportedly. Craig fought against the intruder and experienced bruises, “but is otherwise physically alright.”

The offender ran away from the crime scene after Representative Craig called 9-1-1. No evidence supports the claim that the event was motivated politically.

The statement also said that Rep. Craig wished to express her gratitude to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia for their prompt response but begs that she be allowed some privacy at this time.

In December of 2021, Democratic Pennsylvania Representative Mary Gay Scanlon was the victim of a carjacking in South Philadelphia. After some time, the police retrieved the vehicles and arrested the culprits.

In January 2022, an automobile belonging to Democratic Representative for Missouri Cori Bush, who was not in the vehicle at the time, was struck by gunfire. Bush herself was not in the car at the time.

When you’re soft on crime, criminals get harder.