Congressman’s Wife Secretly Targeted, She Reveals

( Kaira Rouda, the wife of former Democrat Congressman Harley Rouda (CA), wrote in her article for Newsweek about their political life after moving to California.

Her dream was to become a novelist; in 2011, her first novel was published. Meanwhile, Harley’s dream was to run for political office.

A few days after the 2016 election, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher won again. He’d been in office since 1989, and the Roudas agreed it was time for someone to take him on. It was the most significant decision Harley had ever made.

According to Kaira Rouda, campaigns can be brutal and vicious, especially in swing districts. But Harley won the Democratic primary in 2018 by 175 votes over a fellow party member. Harley won the general election over 30-year incumbent Rohrbacher, thanks partly to the work of 6,000 volunteers, in what would end up being the most expensive congressional race in history.

After arriving in DC for orientation, they rushed to find housing and acclimate to the area. Sessions on security and increasing threats against Congressmen and their families were also held. They didn’t have a security detail when Harley was in office, but rules have changed.

Kaira Rouda thought attending major public gatherings was a terrifying time to be the congressman’s wife. She claims that during a Fourth of July parade in Huntington Beach, CA, they were rushed by a man who yelled at them and threw firecrackers. Although they were accustomed to the jeers, she found this frightful.

After a large town hall meeting, Rouda claimed right-wing protesters surrounded them as they returned to their car. She said one never knows who or what may be waiting for them at the next event. That’s in addition to the media with cameras shoved in their faces.

They ultimately decided to hire their security.

The rest of her story is at the link above.

We hope she remembers how scared and uncomfortable she felt while she faced threats.  Her fellow Democrats are trying to water down the 2nd Amendment through legislation, which will leave all of us unprotected.