Congressman Accuses Biden Of Violation Of Constitution

( In an interview with Breitbart News Saturday, Republican Congressman Mo Brooks, who is running for Alabama’s open Senate seat, said when it comes to securing the US border and preventing an “invasion” of illegal aliens, President Joe Biden is “absolutely in violation” of the US Constitution.

Brooks recently took a trip to the southern border where he saw first-hand how federal immigration officials were welcoming illegals into the US while loading them on buses to processing sites before shipping them into the country’s interior.

Brooks told Breitbart that this is no security at the southern border.

Calling it outrageous, Brooks said Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution requires the federal government to protect US states from an invasion. And what is happening at the border is an invasion, so President Biden is violating the Constitution.

Brooks believes that individual states should declare the US government in violation of the Constitution and begin enforcing their border with Mexico themselves.

While Brooks concedes that such action would likely end up in the Supreme Court, he believes the border states would prevail.

During the interview, Brooks said the corporate special interests who care only about importing cheap labor are spending tens of millions of dollars to elect “wimpy Republicans” in the primaries.

Brooks, who ran for the Republican nomination in the 2017 special Senate election to replace then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is running in the primary this year for the seat vacated by retiring Republican Senator Richard Shelby.

One of Brooks’ challengers in the race, Katie Britt, is one of the “wimpy Republicans” supported by pro-open borders interest groups. She is widely supported by noted “NeverTrump” Republicans and has been dubbed by Donald Trump Junior as “The Alabama Liz Cheney.”

Listen to the Breitbart interview with Mo Brooks HERE.