Company Gloats About Listening Technology

The “Active Listening” technology that Cox Media Group boasted about has gotten them in hot water since it allows advertisers to eavesdrop on conversations using cellphones and other devices.
A report shows that Cox Media Group (CMG) allegedly boasted in a deleted post that they had created a system that could listen to consumers using the built-in microphones of smart TVs, cellphones, and other electronic devices.

According to reports, this technique is called “Active Listening,” and its purpose is to collect client data to provide them with customized advertisements.

‘Our phones are listening to us,’ says CMG’s VP of digital strategy in a corporate paper, boasting about how the firm can use its technological skills to get an edge in the market.

In the IT world, there is a broad denial of such possibilities; therefore, this allegation goes against that. Notably, Facebook had been forced to deny such claims in the past.

An argument in favor of “Active Listening” is that consumers ostensibly consent to listen to their phones in the conditions of service when they buy a new phone. Companies and consumers stand to gain from the technology’s alleged ability to build customer profiles based on audio data since it will lead to a decrease in irrelevant marketing and improved targeting of prospective buyers.

CMG’s strategy includes developing buyer profiles, using AI to join pertinent discussions, and monitoring ROI via tracking pixels on company websites. Businesses can supposedly define certain zones for market growth and get real-time alerts when someone needs their service, thanks to this technology, which is not just a concept but a present reality, according to them.

It is unclear, however, if CMG’s claims are functioning. Most devices have built-in microphone use indications, and CMG has been mum on any proof or more information about how their technology works.