Companies Urge Senate To Nationalize Election For Democrats

( Dozens of “woke” American companies have reportedly signed a letter urging Senate Democrats to pass an extreme new piece of legislation known as the “For the People Act.” The controversial bill would make permanent the temporary measures put in place during the last election, including mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Around 70 companies signed the letter claiming that the bill, which would also remove voter ID requirements and make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes, would end “abusive state laws.”

They mean voter ID, because apparently proving who you are before voting is racist, now.

The letter said that the act is “one of the most significant pieces of legislation” to “strengthen” democracy since the Civil Rights movement.

Since when was it a civil right to make it easier for elections to be stolen by misconduct and fraud?

The companies claim that states have introduced barriers to voting over the last year, referencing new legislation in Republican states designed to ensure that every voter proves their identity before casting a vote.

The letter also wrongly claims that it is not a “partisan” issue to promote mass mail-in and unsolicited mail-in voting, when it is one of the most partisan issues there is. Democrats strongly support loosening election laws and making it easier for activists to harvest votes, while Republicans believe in strengthening election laws to ensure that only legitimate votes are counted.

The letter also wrongly claimed that the bill is not about “choosing one party or one issue over another,” when that’s precisely what the Democrats are trying to do. Rather than putting power “In the hands of the people,” as the letter says, the bill would put the power in the hands of the party that benefits the most from fraudulent votes.

And we know that party isn’t the GOP…

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Ben & Jerry’s and Tumblr were among those who signed the letter…