Communist Chinese Are Still Buying Up Land On American Soil

( President Joe Biden has long attempted to refute and deny claims that he is soft on China, but a new report revealing how the Chinese Communist Party continues to buy valuable American land proves he’s lying.

A report by Kay Smythe reveals how hundreds of thousands of arable acres across the United States are still frequently being purchased by the Chinese Communist Party as part of the Chinese food security initiative. The aim is for China to have as many outposts as possible where food can be grown and shipped back for domestic use. It’s great news for China but a huge threat to the American food supply and national security more generally.

Thankfully, the issue hasn’t gone completely ignored. Republican legislators are working to advance the 2022 Agricultural Appropriations Bill and House Resolution 4356, with the aim of limiting foreign land ownership and tax incentives for foreign purchasers. However, it remains unclear whether the legislation will pass with Democrat support.

At the start of 2020, Smythe reported how more than 192,000 acres of agricultural land in the United States had been purchased by Chinese investors with a value of around $1.9 billion. It is currently virtually impossible to track just how much farmland in the United States is owned by China owing to the fact that the United States Department of Agriculture hasn’t updated its farmland ownership database in two years.

One example of large farmland purchased being made by Chinese investors was the sale of 140,000 acres of land in Texas – close to the border of Mexico – by Sun Guangxin’s firm GH America Energy LLC, which is an American subsidiary of the Chinese Guanghui Energy Company.

The land is also close to the Laughlin Air Force Base and was initially set aside for the owner to build a new wind farm that will feed energy into the Texas energy grid. Only 70 miles away from an airbase, however, it has raised serious concerns from American officials about whether the purchase was a financial investment, or an investment made on the basis that the land could help facilitate spying on the American military.

Find the full report here – it’s a shocking explanation of how the Democrats have categorically failed to stop the Chinese Communist Party from buying up valuable resources in the United States. It’s also an indication that the next Republican administration needs to do much more on China.