Coach Arrested For Being A Child Predator On Girls Under 10 Years Old

Georgia authorities arrested a 37-year-old coach for alleged molestation in 2021 of a minor less than ten years old.

Last Sunday, Fox News reported that the Flowery Branch Police Department had arrested the soccer coach at Cherokee Bluff High School,  Calvin Cook, in connection with the alleged sexual assault.

Cook allegedly molested her when the girl spent the night at his family home. 

On April 24, 2021, authorities were made aware of the occurrence, and Hall County School System administration was informed.  According to a local report, the official finally put the individual on paid leave.

A local report explains that a warrant was issued for the man’s arrest on a single charge of child molestation, and last Friday, he surrendered to authorities.  The accused is said to have touched the girl inappropriately in the genital and thigh areas after pulling down her clothes.

According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) website, Sexual assault includes any type of sexual contact or activity without the victim’s express permission, including unwanted sexual touching, fondling, forcing a victim to perform sexual activities, or attempted rape.

Most of the time, the offender is someone the victim already knows. About eight out of ten cases of sexual assault include someone the victim knows, such as an intimate partner, friend, or acquaintance.

In a local report, Graham McKinnon, Cook’s attorney, stated that his client strongly denies the charges and that he and his family were devastated by the news.  His integrity and reputation as a teacher have been beyond reproach throughout Calvin’s life, and the community should withhold judgment at this point.

Cook was the middle school physical education teacher at Cherokee Bluff and the high school’s girls’ soccer coach. 

Calvin Cook was placed on paid administrative leave and sent to the Hall County Detention Center.