CNN’s Viewership Fails To Pass 1 Million

( It’s been more than a year since President Joe Biden entered the White House, and CNN still hasn’t figured out a way to keep hold of its audience now that they can’t report conspiracy theories about the president of the United States every day.

Last Friday, CNN failed to achieve more than 1 million viewers for a single one of its prime-time shows.

It’s ironic that CNN needed former President Donald Trump to maintain decent viewer figures, isn’t it?

According to the latest figures, Anderson Cooper’s 8pm-9pm show managed to cross the one million viewers mark, but only just. Cooper pulled in 1.02 million average total viewers.

The day after, however, the prime time shows on CNN only pulled in 726,000 total average viewers – and now a single one of Cooper’s two hours on the television that night attracted more than 800,000 total average viewers.

That’s…really bad. Especially for one of the most famous TV news channels on the planet that absolutely did not struggle during the four years of President Donald Trump’s first term in the white house.

CNN even came behind competing left-wing news channel MSNBC, with 753,000 average viewers compared to MSNBC’s 872,000. Fox News, meanwhile, pulled in a massive 1.84 million – and those numbers for Fox seem to just keep going up.

If CNN is to survive, it’s going to need to do much more than just keep inventing stories about the former president…and the network may want to consider hiring some news anchors who are notable for more than just looking like a potato.

Cough, cough, Brian Stelter, cough.

See the full data breakdown here.