CNN Tricked Into Running Fake Tweets On National TV

( CNN makes a lot of people angry, so when stories like this come out, it’s not all that surprising.

During the far-left “news” network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, the channel was inundated by tweets from users with fake, raunchy names. The network was trolled Bart Simpson style, with the network sharing messages on the lower-third of the screen, along with names like “Bo Nehr”, “Mike Oxlong,” and “Ben Dover.”

Just think about those names for a second and you’ll soon realize why it’s embarrassing…

Take a look:

The Daily Beast, an extreme-left blog that positions itself as a news outlet, seemed particularly upset about the incident. In a post, the blog claimed that most of the prank accounts were actually connected, and listed some of the most egregious ones.

We think they’re actually quite funny. Here are some of the best:

– Hugh Jass
– Mike Oxlong
– Seymour Butts
– Dixie Normus
– Anita Dump

Some of these are literally straight from Bart Simpson’s playbook. Remember Seymour Butts, back when The Simpsons wasn’t left-wing propaganda?

The Daily Beast noted that @MikeOxLong625 was the main account, created back in 2021, but the rest of the accounts were all created in December – possibly just for this.

When the accounts were exposed, the Ben Dover account announced, “darn ☹ it was fun while it lasted!”

It couldn’t have happened to a nastier network…