CNN Team Target And Corner Doctor For Challenging Group Think

( Tuesday on Twitter, author Walter Kirn pointed out that for the American corporate news media, news reporting is no longer their objective. Instead, they have transformed themselves into a “policing institution” – a group that sees its role as “monitor of misinformation, deplorer of incorrect attitudes, and a castigator of wrongheaded people.”

There has never been a more fitting description of the modern corporate news media. And there is no better example of this than CNN.

Last week, a CNN team tracked down a Florida doctor named Joseph Mercola, whom the New York Times identified as part of the “superspreaders of anti-vaccine content.” The Times cited researchers and regulators who apparently combed through the online content Dr. Mercola shares with his followers and determined he was spreading “misinformation.”

And for CNN’s castigators of wrongheaded people, this random Florida doctor had to be treated like a serial killer. CNN reporter Randi Kaye chronicled her journey to find Mercola in a segment that aired on August 4. Randi took it upon herself to demand answers over his spreading misinformation. She and her team stopped at his Cape Coral office, then at his gated home to no avail.

But wait! Kaye and her team spotted their elusive prey riding his bike and seized the moment.

Kaye reported that once Mercola stopped, she and her team thought “This was our opening to get some answers.”

Good grief, Randi. Take the stick out.

The CNN segment shows Randi Kaye approaching a shirtless Mercola as he’s standing next to a bike rack. Kaye identified herself as a reporter for CNN and asked if Mercola would answer some questions. Mercola said no, and began walking away.

But brave firefighter against misinformation that she is, Randi didn’t take no for answer. She began badgering him with the kind of ridiculous questions one would expect from a CNN reporter – demanding to know if he feels responsible for any unvaccinated people who get sick or die “because of what you told them about the vaccines.”

Mercola ignored her and got back on his bike.

But Randi Kaye wasn’t going to let this “misinformation superspreader” off so easily. She demanded to know what Mercola had to say to families who lost loved ones to COVID. She demanded to know why he was spreading misinformation. And, when she couldn’t get a reply, she demanded to know why he wouldn’t speak to her.

But that should’ve been self-evident.

Mercola simply ignored the annoying pest and rode away.

Not to be outdone, Randi shouted at his back “Here’s your opportunity to speak with us and answer questions!” Which is probably as enticing as saying “Here’s your opportunity to get a venereal disease.”

Of course since it was her segment, Randi Kaye got to put in a little dig at the end – with Randi’s obnoxious voiceover smugly concluding “Despite all his bravado online, Mercola suddenly had nothing to say.”

Perhaps. But that says far more about Randi Kaye than it does Dr. Mercola.