CNN Star Suggests Biden Has Dementia “Like Reagan At The End”

( President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline has become so noticeable that even CNN is picking up on it.

Van Jones, a host on the far-left news network, slammed President Joe Biden and his administration for their clear refusal to admit that the president has a problem. It came after the president gave a marathon press conference marking his first year in office on Wednesday, during which he was clearly confused and repeatedly lost track of what he was saying.

“I think you have to be honest that you can be a foggy, meandering president,” he said. “Say, like Reagan near the end, if you’re winning.”

He’s not really like Reagan, is he? Reagan served two terms and was wildly popular. President Joe Biden, at this rate, won’t make it to the end of his first term…and he’s certainly not popular.

Jones added, however, that if a president is foggy and meandering on important questions, then “you’re also not winning, then you’ve got a real problem.”

Fact check: true.

At 77 years old, President Joe Biden is the oldest president the United States has ever seen, and his cognitive issues have been on public display for decades already.

When Reagan left office in 1989, he was struggling with similar issues to President Joe Biden. In 1994, he admitted to the nation that he was struggling with dementia.

Not only did President Ronald Reagan serve eight years before the disease completely took hold of him, but he also respected the American public enough to announce that he was afflicted with the condition.

Is it time for President Joe Biden to do the same, if that is in fact what he is suffering from? Or is it time for Biden to take a cognitive test?