CNN Star Literally Starts Singing Over 5 Cent Gas Price Drop

( The cost of gas has more than doubled in some places across the United States since President Joe Biden took office, but for some reason, far-left CNN anchor Don Lemon thinks that a price drop of just five cents is worth heaping praise on the president for.

And not just heaping praise on the president, but literally singing his praises.

On Tuesday night, Lemon claimed that a five-cent reduction in gas prices were a “big economic relief for millions of Americans” who are struggling with the skyrocketing energy prices.

“The price at the pump is finally easing up,” he said, pointing to new AAA figures showing how the average price per gallon has dropped to $3.35 from $3.39 last week, and $3.42 last month.

It’s good news, for sure, but the cost of gas is still significantly higher than it should be.

Clapping and singing, Lemon told viewers to “celebrate the good news for a minute” and that he’ll “take it where [he] can get it.”

He then continued to clap and celebrate as he introduced his guest, Austan Goolsbee, to discuss this apparently significant drop in gas prices.

Maybe he should save that celebration for a significant drop in prices – perhaps at least a dollar.

CNN repeatedly claimed on Tuesday that the price drop is the biggest in the last seven weeks but didn’t provide any data to back up the claim. The network also appeared to encourage all of its anchors and commentators to refer to the tiny price drop as “critical relief for household budgets” and an “economic relief for millions” that offers “glimmers of hope” for Americans concerned about inflation.

CNN is like America’s version of the North Korean television news channel that does nothing but heap praise on their dictator, Kim Jong Un…