CNN Star Announces Sudden Departure

( CNN is losing yet another of its star members of the network.

John Harwood, a correspondent for the White House, announced last Friday that he would be leaving the liberal media network.

It’s yet another big move that happened after Chris Licht, the president of CNN, announced recently that he would be working to make the network’s news coverage much more non-partisan. For quite a while now, CNN has leaned very obviously to the left.

In announcing his departure from the station, Harwood didn’t make mention of any future plans that he had. In a tweet, he wrote:

“Personal news: Today’s my last day at CNN. Proud of the work. Thanks to my colleagues. I’ve been lucky to serve the best in American media — St. Petersburg Times, WSJ, NYT, the NBC family, CNN. Looking forward to figuring out what’s next.”

Seemingly, Harwood’s departure from CNN was rather sudden. It also came now long after anchor Brian Stelter announced he would be leaving CNN after his TV program called “Reliable Sources” would be cancelled.

Licht joined the network only in April, and since that time, he has been debating the future of some of the staff members who were considered too partisan and too liberal. Stelter was essentially let go because Licht thought he was too partisan and that would ultimately harm CNN. The same goes for Jim Acosta, an anchor who also recently departed from the network.

John Malone, who is the chairman of Liberty Media — the largest shareholder of Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company for CNN — said originally that he believed that CNN should revert to having completely non-partisan coverage, instead of the liberal-leaning coverage it has had in recent years.

A spokesperson for CNN didn’t provide any background information to the Daily Caller about why Harwood departed so suddenly. However, the person did express CNN’s appreciation for all the coverage Harwood provided the network for the White House.

As the spokesperson told the Daily Caller:

“We appreciate John’s work covering the White House, and we wish him all the best.”

Harwood first joined CNN back in January of 2020. Before then, he was an editor-at-large and reporter for CNBC, another liberal-leaning network.

He has long openly criticized former President Donald Trump as well as Republicans in general.

An email that was leaked by Wikileaks in 2015 showed Harwood asking John Podesta, the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, what questions he should ask in an interview he was soon to have with Jeb Bush, who was a Republican candidate for president at the time.

Despite that leaked email, Brian Fallon, who was who served as the national press secretary for Clinton, said that Harwood “brings humility and honesty” to all of his news coverage.

Harwood has been criticized in the past for saying that journalists have a challenging time dealing with their coverage of the GOP because the party “is fundamentally broken.”

He also incorrectly claimed back in March that there’s “no evidence” President Joe Biden had a connection to the business dealings of his son, Hunter.