CNN Star Announces Sudden Departure

( As the network works to silence partisan viewpoints, CNN White House Correspondent John Harwood announced his departure from the organization on Friday.

Since CNN President Chris Licht announced initiatives to make coverage more unbiased, Harwood is the most recent correspondent to quit the network. He didn’t seem to have any concrete intentions for the future.

Harwood announced on Twitter that it was his last day at CNN. He said he was happy with his work. He gave thanks to his coworkers.

He said he had the good fortune to work with the top American media- CNN, the NBC clan, the WSJ, and the Petersburg Times. He awaits with anticipation to see what comes next.

Licht, who joined the network in April, has debated the future of the liberal staff on the web, including Stelter and anchor Jim Acosta, out of concern that partisan voices will harm the network. His departure appeared sudden and came shortly after former CNN anchor Brian Stelter left the network over the cancellation of his program, “Reliable Sources.”

John Malone, the CEO of Liberty Media and the largest shareholder in Warner Bros., which owns CNN, and Discovery, was the one who first urged that the network switch back to unbiased reporting.

CNN expressed its appreciation for Harwood’s coverage of the White House, but a representative said the network was unaware of the circumstances surrounding the reporter’s abrupt departure.

The spokesperson said, “We appreciate John’s efforts covering the White House, and we wish him the best.”

After working as a reporter and editor-at-large for CNBC, Harwood joined the network in January 2020. He has a lengthy history of openly criticizing Republicans and former President Donald Trump. According to a 2015 Wikileaks email, Harwood asked John Podesta, the head of the Clinton campaign, what inquiries to make of former Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush.

Brian Fallon, the national press secretary for former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said of Harwood when he first started working for CNN that he “brings humility and honesty” to his reporting.

Additionally, the writer defended MS-13 members after Trump called them “animals” in May 2018 by, laughably and ridiculously, referring to them as “human beings.”

So was Hitler.

According to Fox News, he faced criticism for a previous statement that the Republican Party “is essentially flawed,” which makes it challenging for journalists to cover it. When the presenter stated on CNN’s “New Day” in March that there is “no evidence” that President Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s business transactions, he drew criticism.

Fox News reported that he complimented Biden’s address at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on his last day of work, in which he referred to Trump and “MAGA Republicans” as extremists endangering democracy.