CNN Reporter Under Fire For Asking Tough Question About Hunter Biden

( On Saturday, people on the political left on Twitter lambasted a CNN reporter for questioning Hunter Biden and his business activities and arguing that this “shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Correspondent Sara Sidner provided an article from Yahoo! News that discussed Hunter’s business contacts with Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho, who were the subject of an investigation by the FBI in 2017 for a “global bribery conspiracy.”
The author of this piece raises the question of whether or not Hunter’s relationships with Chinese businesses would constitute a “counterintelligence threat.”

Sidner asserted that people should be inquiring about “legitimate issues” concerning Hunter Biden and the continuing FBI investigation against him.

She said important inquiries need to be made concerning Hunter Biden. Even though H is not a member of any political body, valid concerns need to be asked and answered regarding his previous business practices and how the FBI dealt with the situation. She said this shouldn’t be a political point of contention.

Tim Fullerton, who worked on former President Barack Obama’s digital team during the latter’s re-election campaign in 2012, stated that the Hunter affair is not a “genuine story.”

The flyweight thinker, Fullerton, asked if anyone could explain why this is even a story, other than the GOP made it a story.

Three words. “The Big guy.”

Fullerton steps on a rake and manages to hit both of his jewels when he continues-

The only way that this could possibly be true is if Joe Biden engaged in some sort of unlawful activity in order to enrich his son. Do any of the CNN employees have any evidence that this actually took place? And if they don’t—which they clearly don’t—then why cover it?

When Sidner shows a modicum of inquisitiveness, as a journalist, her former fellow travelers go apesh*t.

Actor John Cusack, another big brain whose tweets display a frightening amount of illiteracy, implored Sidner to “give me a break” and dodged the issue by asking, “are you gonna ask the same question about bill bars [sic] Ties to Epstein? Through his daddy? His obstruction of mueller / lying to Congress – child abduction?”

Former Republican National Committee spokesman Cheri Jacobus just tweeted the word “unfollowed.”

Timothy Thibault, a former FBI agent, is accused of blocking critical Hunter Biden reporting and subsequently resigned from his position.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley made the allegations that Thibault had been suspected of directing the closure of an “avenue of additional damaging Hunter Biden reports” in October of 2020.

The left is not interested in truth or fact-finding. They already know it. Just ask them.