CNN Interviews Netflix CEO…Doesn’t Ask About Pedophilia Scandal

( You might think that when a company is going through a major pedophilia scandal that it might come up during a discussion with that company’s CEO – but when CNN is involved, nothing seems to make much sense.

During an interview with CNN host Poppy Harlow, the CEO of TV streaming service Netflix didn’t face any questions about the “Cuties” controversy. It’s a French movie promoted by and streamed on the left-wing online TV platform which sexualized girls as young as eight. The scandal erupted so badly this week that the Twitter hashtag #CancelNetflix was trending, and many pledged to cancel their subscription.

Poppy Harlow didn’t bring up the topic at all during an interview this week and instead chose to talk about the CEO’s new book, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention.”

If you want to see a good example of a softball interview, check out the video of their Skype interview below.

“Cuties” tells the story of a girl, just 11 years old, who joins a dance troupe that sees her and other young girls wearing skimpy outfits and twerking. And if you don’t know what twerking is, it’s a dance commonly used in hip hop and similar styles of music videos that depicts a sexual act.

The girl joins the troupe as a way of fleeing her Muslim family’s repressive views (which is interesting…isn’t that Islamophobic?).

Netflix recently defended their airing of the movie claiming that it is a strong argument against the sexualization of children, but the idea that a movie could oppose something by doing what it opposes was exposed as patently absurd when one comedian compared it to an anti-animal-abuse movie depicting animal abuse.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley also took Netflix to task over the issue, slamming Netflix for not caring about child sexual exploitation and posting a summary of the movie that explains how an 11-year-old girl has her pants forcefully pulled down while the camera shows her exposed backside.

At what point does this stop being a movie against child sexual exploitation and just a soft-core pedophilic porn film?

Despite the huge backlash, and the fact that Senator Hawley even suggested that Netflix should defend their actions in a Congressional hearing, CNN had nothing to say about the issue – and the Netflix CEO didn’t bring it up either.

It probably has something to do with the fact that the streaming platform has a multi-million dollar deal with the Obamas…