CNN Interviewee Registers As Foreign Agent

( Stephen Binhak, a former Whitewater prosecutor who vocally called on Congress to impeach former President Donald Trump over disproven Russian collusion conspiracy theories has reportedly registered to become a lobbyist…for the Chinese Communist Party.

Who else saw this one coming?

Binhak is joined by Democrat operative Tony Podesta who will also be working as a lobbyist for Chinese technology company Huawei.

The National Pulse revealed how Binhak officially registered to lobby for Huawei, the technology and telecommunications company that was originally set to assist the United States and the United Kingdom establish new 5G infrastructure. The report explains how Binhak will be lobbying to assist Huawei in obtaining foreign investment and removing various export controls and economic sanctions. He began the new role on July 1, meaning Democrat operatives are now out there in Washington, D.C., meeting with high-profile Democrats to encourage them to roll back Trump-era legislation and executive orders designed to protect America’s infrastructure from expansionist communists.

That’s scary, right?

Huawei was labeled a national security threat under the Trump administration, and American businesses and federal contractors were banned from working with Chinese military-linked companies like Huawei.

If successful, Binhak could help Huawei re-establish itself as a technological force to be reckoned with in the United States. It may mean that the Chinese Communist Party has a role in the continued rollout of America’s 5G infrastructure and could see millions more cheap Chinese-made phones sold in the United States, making millions of U.S. citizens data hubs for China.

This is the same man who said that President Donald Trump was colluding with Russia and putting the U.S. in danger.

This is the definition of “gaslighting.”