CNN Gushes About Gas Prices After White House Demands Favorable Coverage

( Last week it was reported that White House officials were holding briefings with major news media outlets begging them to put a happy spin on the current economic news.

On Monday, CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy reported that in these briefings, the White House is arguing that the economy is much better today than it was a year ago and it wants the media to report it that way. According to Stelter and Darcy, the conversations between the White House people and the news media “have been productive.”

Yes, clearly they were productive. But not for the American people.

Almost immediately after these private “briefings” were reported, news outlets began painting a happy face on the ever-rising consumer prices and the highest inflation in nearly forty years.

On Wednesday’s “New Day,” CNN host Brianna Keilar gushed over falling energy prices. Gas prices have dropped about two cents, and Brianna could barely contain her glee, claiming this minuscule drop in gas prices is a “potential antidote for inflation.”

Keilar said that gas prices are “projected” to keep going down through next year.

Yes, we can all count on “projections” to be right, can’t we? Remember when they projected that inflation was “transitory?”

After Keilar played up the wondrous news that gas is two cents less expensive, her co-host John Berman, sounding like a host of an infomercial, burst in with “But wait. There’s more!”

Yeah, he really said, “But wait. There’s more!”

Berman said the previous projections that home heating costs were going to skyrocket this winter might be wrong. He went so far as to claim that home heating costs are “dropping dramatically.”

But when their business correspondent Christine Romans took the reins, Keilar and Berman’s infomercial lead-in wasn’t as impressive as they made it sound.

According to Romans’ report, their excitement over “dramatically” dropping prices was based, not on what is actually happening, but on what the government is projecting.

Romans said the government is projecting that gas prices “should keep dropping” and may fall below three dollars a gallon in 2022. She said the previous government projections of skyrocketing home heating “may not come true this winter.”

“Should” drop. “May not come true.” It’s guesswork.

CNN is doing an end-zone dance, not based on the facts on the ground, but based on government projections.

Romans also crowed that wages were up. Problem is, wages are not increasing as quickly as inflation. So while people might be making five percent more, with nearly 7 percent inflation, it’s more like a pay cut than an increase.