CIA Claims Trump Was Never Briefed By Them – But There’s One Problem

( In yet another indication that the CIA and America’s intelligence officials are totally biased, the Central Intelligence Agency just released a report in which they described how difficult they found it to work with President Donald Trump when he first took office in 2017.

The report, which came as an update to the book “Getting to Know the President” by John Helgerson, was made available as an unclassified file on the CIA website and was made public for “educational” reasons.

Educational. Sure…

Helgerson, a retired intelligence officer who worked at the CIA for 38 years, claimed that the Trump transition was “far and away the most difficult in its historical experience with briefing new presidents.” He said that President Trump was much like Nixon, in that he was “suspicious and insecure” about the intelligence community, and instead of shutting out the intelligence community entirely, Trump would work with them but then attack then publicly later.

A lot of people would probably say that isn’t such a bad idea. Perhaps Trump should have gone a little further and fired some people.

Left-wing news outlet CBS reported on the documents, seemed to accidentally justify Trump’s treatment of U.S. intelligence, however. The outlet said that his “tense relationship” with the agencies got worse “amid politically charged investigations into his campaign’s contacts with Russia.”

So it’s not surprising, then, is it?

Why would any intelligence official expect Donald Trump to trust them then, and why would they expect him to have trusted them years later?

It’s almost as if they aren’t sincere…