CIA Calls Emergency Meeting With Vladimir Putin

( William Burns, the director of the CIA, reportedly discussed American concerns about the expansion of the Russian military at the Ukrainian border last week. He raised the concerns during a rare direct conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

An anonymous source familiar with the conversation told CNN that it would be “foolish” for the United States not to consider the possibility of an incursion or invasion into the region.

The conversation was then confirmed by Dimitry Peskov, a spokesperson for President Putin, who said that they discussed the matter over the telephone.

Peskov said that they also discussed the “crisis situation in the diplomatic practice,” “bilateral relations,” and “views on regional conflicts.” They also reportedly discussed cybersecurity matters.

Ukraine recently downplayed the increase in Russia’s military presence on the border, with the Defense Ministry saying just last week that Moscow has historically transferred and accumulated military units “for the purpose of maintaining tension in the region and political pressure on neighboring countries.”

Which doesn’t sound so much as a reason not to worry…but more of a reason to worry about Russian’s intentions.

Ahead of the September parliamentary elections in Russia, there were also rumors that the ramping up of Russia’s military presence on the Ukrainian border was an effort to rally the Russian people behind the strong leadership of Vladimir Putin so that they would turn out and vote for his party.

Two senior American officials also told CNN that the Biden White House is concerned about satellite images showing irregular movements of Russian troops on the border, along with tanks and artillery.

We could be on the verge of new Russian aggression – and our president is probably the worst equipped president in recent history to handle it.