Church’s Mockery Of Religion Is Too Far

In an op-ed at Lifesite News, writer Doug Mainwaring blasted the Jesuit-run America Magazine’s gay publication Outreach for promoting an event that included an illustration showing a cross draped in a rainbow flag.

In a tweet last week, Outreach promoted a screening of the 2022 documentary “Wonderfully Made – LGBTQ+R(eligion)” at a theater in Harford, Connecticut. Accompanying the promotion was an image of the cross of Christ, draped in a rainbow flag. At the top of the cross is a placard that traditionally includes the letter, “INRI,” but in this case used “LGBTQ.”

The film purports to be a documentary examining the “root of anti-LGBTQ attitudes” within the Catholic Church,” according to the promotional material.

In his op-ed, Mainwaring argues that the cross image in the promotion is “a priceless work of art” to Satan and a “symbol of victory” of Satan’s “triumph over the cross of Christ.”

Mainwaring maintains that the graphic is an attempt to erase the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross while revealing how Satan uses the power and influence of the LGBT movement to “corrupt” both society and the church “from within.”

Last Thursday, the Catholic University of Notre Dame caused anger on social media after posting a “Happy Pride Month” message on Twitter, featuring a photograph of a rainbow in the sky above the campus.

In its tweet, the Catholic university said it celebrates “all LGBTQ+ identities” and reaffirmed its “commitment to being a welcoming, safe and supportive place.”

Despite the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality and so-called “gender identity,” Notre Dame has been moving toward a more open and approving position on the LGBT movement in recent years, according to the Spectator.

In 2021, the university recognized Pride Month for the first time on its website and officially recognized an LGBT alumni group that opposes the Catholic Church’s position on gender and homosexuality.