Chuck Schumer Makes Off-Color Remark Over Election Losses

( Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is still a little salty over his party’s poor showing at the polls last month.

Specifically, he is upset that Democrats didn’t blow away Republicans in key Senate races that would have flipped the upper chamber to the liberals. Unless Democrats are somehow able to pull two huge upsets in the Georgia runoff elections in January, Republicans will retain control of the Senate for the next term.

Schumer let his frustrations boil over and into the public sphere this week when he told party donors that there were two things destroyed Democrats’ chances of taking control of the Senate. The first was the death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was later replaced by Amy Coney Barrett.

The second was that Cal Cunningham “couldn’t keep his zipper up.” Those are the words Schumer used to describe the situation to donors on recent calls, according to an Axios report.

Cunningham was looking like he would have the ability to flip a Senate seat in North Carolina to the Democrats. He was doing well in early polling against the incumbent, Thom Tillis. That was, of course, until an affair came to light.

Over the summer, the Associated Press obtained text messages that showed Cunningham had an extramarital relationship with a consultant. Interviews then confirmed that the relationship was more than just suggestive through text messages.

The text messages were between Arlene Guzman Todd and her friend. Guzman Todd is a public relations strategist. She told her friend via text that the two had an intimate relationship in Cunningham’s home, which she said was “weird.”

She then seemed frustrated with Cunningham, when she told her friend that he wasn’t showing her enough attention. She then wrote:

“I’m just going to send to his opponent his naked photos. That will teach him.”

When news of this came to light, Guzman Todd apologized, specifically for the “pain and embarrassment, and disrespect I’ve caused to my immediate family, loved ones and everyone affected by this situation.

“A few months back, I displayed a lapse in judgment by engaging in a relationship with Cal Cunningham during a period of marital separation. The relationship spanned several months and consisted primarily of a series of text exchanges and an in-person encounter.”

On Election Day, Tillis prevailed, but by a slim margin of 48.7% to 46.9%. Many Democrats, including Schumer apparently, are lamenting the fact that Cunningham’s extramarital affair came out as the election approached. They believed he could’ve overtaken Tillis and flipped the seat blue.

But alas, that didn’t happen — and now Democrats are very likely to keep the minority spot in the upper chamber as a result.

The Democrats thought their other real good chance to flip a seat was in Maine. However, incumbent Republican Susan Collins destroyed challenger Sara Gideon. Despite throwing tons of money at the campaign, Democrats were not rewarded at the polls. Collins won by almost a full 9 percentage points, 51% to 42.4%.