Chris Wallace’s Career Takes A Brutal Turn

( According to Nielsen ratings, the new Chris Wallace tv series, “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace,” is struggling.  The average number of viewers for Wallace’s new program is a mere 472,000.  Wallace’s performance in the key demographic is even worse, averaging only 81,000 viewers.

Still, Wallace’s show was somehow renewed.

Reports show that CNN president Chris Licht continues to make errors. CNN and HBO Max have renewed Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace despite its first season’s below-average ratings.

Television industry veterans are reportedly scratching their heads over Licht’s decision to order a 10-episode second season of Chris Wallace’s show for an already failing network. It prompted an industry insider to question why Chris Wallace’s contract was renewed when  “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace,” did not even reach 500,000 viewers.

According to Nielsen Media Research data, Wallace’s interview program averaged only 472,000 viewers and 81,000 in the demographic of 25-54 years old.

The data also reveals that between 2021 and 2022, Wallace experienced double-digit declines in popularity.

But for some reason, Licht decided to put his faith in Wallace despite the embarrassing first season decline, with HBO Max collecting his “best of” segments from interviews conducted for CNN in Season Two, which will debut in January.

According to entertainment reports, the second season will follow the same structure as the first. Fridays will see the release of new episodes on HBO Max, followed by a CNN compilation at 7 p.m. ET on Sundays. The premiere of the new season’s first episode will air on HBO Max on January 6 and CNN on January 8.

Will anyone be interested?

The report shows CNN’s dwindling audience is not the only thing swirling the bowl. Morale at CNN has tanked and continues to drain after Licht eliminated nearly 10% of the network’s staff in a cost-cutting measure. While Licht was handing out pink slips before the holidays, he secured his safety with a security detail, according to sources.

Maybe it’s time to flush CNN altogether.