Chris Wallace Attacks GOP For Introducing Voter Laws

( Remember when Fox News anchor Chris Wallace buddied up with President Joe Biden in the presidential debate he hosted last year? Well, he hasn’t given up his weird tirade against Republicans and their efforts to combat far-left extremism.

During an interview with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday, Wallace asked the governor about his plans to implement new state-wide legislation that helps stop election fraud. Wallace wrongly claimed that schemes that will be canceled under new Republican legislation were used in the last election “without fraud.”

Among the plans is a measure designed to stop 24-hour voting and drive-by voting, and to improve the chain of command to ensure that everybody knows where a vote is at any one time.

Wallace also speculated that efforts to ensure election integrity would discourage Black and non-white voters from voting. What is he trying to say about non-white Americans?

Abbott obviously denied that the legislation was designed to suppress votes, describing how Harris county in Texas was exceeding its legal limits in establishing new voting rules.

“It is the states, not counties, that have the authority to regulate elections,” Abbott informed Wallace. He said that Harris County tried to create a new election system that had never been used in the state of Texas at any point in history.

Abbott lectured Wallace, who repeatedly attempted to suggest that Black Americans may not vote if they can’t use a drive-thru, on how 24-hour and drive-thru voting violate the fundamentals of the way voting integrity has always been achieved. He described how drive-thru voting could result in people in the car having a coercive effect on the way a person votes, when the entire point of a secret ballot is to ensure that anybody can safely and securely cast their vote without anybody knowing who they voted for.

Sounds sensible, right?

Apparently not for left-wing “news” anchor Chris Wallace…