Chris Murphy Calls for “Safe Storage” Law After to Michigan School Shooting

( Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, the biggest anti-gun nut in the Senate, isn’t wasting any time exploiting the Michigan school shooting to flog more gun control.

Murphy appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jack Tapper on Sunday where he called for a federal “safe storage law.”

The parents of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley were charged with involuntary manslaughter after their son killed four and injured seven others when he opened fire at Oxford High School in Michigan. Crumbley used the 9mm Sig Sauer his father had purchased just days earlier to commit the shooting.

Despite James and Jennifer Crumbley being charged, Murphy thinks there ought to be a law to make sure people who do not securely store their weapons face charges.

Yeah. He’s that stupid.

Jake Tapper pointed out that the prosecutor in the case is charging the parents with involuntary manslaughter. He tells Murphy that the school warned the parents about their son’s “disturbing behavior” but they ignored it. Then, with the softball pitch all set up, Tapper asked Murphy if more prosecutors should follow suit and hold parents responsible for not keeping their guns out of the hands of children “who use them for violent ends.”

Captain Obvious Murphy declared that parents who violate the law should be held accountable. Then adding that he isn’t familiar with Michigan law, Murphy claims that the parents bought the gun for their son. Then he reiterated that if the parents violated Michigan law, they should be held accountable.

Murphy pivoted to Connecticut, pointing out that it is the law in his state that guns must be safely stored. Parents of minors who don’t lock up their guns can be held accountable. Then Murphy, who isn’t familiar with Michigan law asserted that Michigan doesn’t have that law on the books.

His solution is for Congress to make a federal “safe storage” law which Murphy believes a lot of gun owners would support. He then asserted that if there was a federal “safe storage” law, it would have prevented this mass shooting. That’s quite a leap in logic. Having a law on the books doesn’t stop people from violating the law.

Murphy assured Tapper that his “safe storage” law would be just the thing to gain bipartisan support, not just from Republican lawmakers but from “common-sense gun owners” as well.