Chris Cuomo Slams Media For Ignoring Key Crisis

Chris Cuomo, a host at NewsNation, slammed the mainstream media for ignoring the border crisis, according to The Daily Wire. He reported the story from the border as he criticized both Republicans and Democrats for using the crisis for political gain. 

Cuomo was known as an anchor on CNN before he was fired in 2021 for helping his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with public relations amid a scandal. But now that he has left CNN, Cuomo is taking a more active role in journalism. Live from the border, he noted how there is an absence of migrants. He said that this was more alarming because we should know where the migrants are. 

He suggested that the emptiness is indicative of a broken immigration system and added that the scene might mean that the migrants have gone further into the United States interior. That speculation may not be so off the mark because over two million illegal immigrants have reportedly been released into the country. 

While Vice President Kamala Harris was sent to South America to deal with the “root causes” of immigration, she never visited the border or solved the crisis. Cuomo claimed that both sides were using each other’s positions for political fodder and alleged that people on the right were excited to see hordes of people crossing so that they can point fingers at Biden. Meanwhile, Biden reportedly laughed when asked about the number of immigrants coming through. 

During an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhl, Biden was asked about the immigration issue, to which he agreed with corporations that it was an economic issue. He said that there needs to be more immigrants because America needs more farmers and workers. 

With the administration’s “open border” policies immigration encounters have shot up by 80 percent since Biden took office, according to American Pigeon