Chinese President Takes Shot At U.S. During Speech Commemorating Korean War

( China President Xi Jinping took a shot at America while giving a speech that commemorated the 70th anniversary of China entering the Korean War.

On Friday, Xi was talking at an event that marked the anniversary of when Chinese troops crossed into North Korea. Beijing refers to the conflict as “the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.”

While speaking, he said “blackmailing, blocking and extreme pressure” will lead to “nowhere but a dead end.”

During his speech, Xi spoke of alleged acts of aggression from America toward China as part of the Korean War, emphasizing a claim that a Chinese military that was outgunned still defeated its “legendary” American foe. He also warned that China wouldn’t back down from a fight, even though it’s peace that it wants.

He said:

“The Chinese people mean that we should speak to the invaders in a language they understand.”

China has for decades said that the Korean War was a huge victory for their country. That, of course, is despite the fact that North Korea didn’t really make any gains at all after invading the South. Without the assistance from China, though, North Korea most likely would’ve been defeated.

Xi’s speech was part of a huge celebration of the 70th anniversary of China’s entry into the Korean War. A packed crowd at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing were in attendance for Xi’s speech as well as a moment of silence to remember the almost 200,000 soldiers from China who were killed in the war.

A front-page newspaper article in the People’s Liberation Army Daily, which is the official newspaper of the military of China, said the country’s “glorious victory … left the Americans with the deepest impression that what Chinese people say counts” and that they needed to respect “China’s red lines.”

In his speech, Xi tried to paint the picture that the United States was an imperialist aggressor in the Korean War. He said the “far superior technologies and weaponry” the U.S. had weren’t enough to overcome the North Korean and Chinese combined forces.

He said:

“After painstaking efforts in the war, the Chinese and Korean armies finally defeated the opponents and also broke the legendary U.S. army, who were supposed to be invincible.”

Xi also said China’s victory in Korea sent a message to the “suppressed nations and peoples in the world.”

He continued:

“Any country or any army, no matter how powerful they used to be, standing against the trend of the international community and acting perversely … will surely backfire.”

The Chinese leader even warned states that endorse “unilateralism, protectionism and extreme egoism,” saying:

“No blackmailing, blocking or extreme pressuring will work. Acting in one’s own way and serving one’s own interests will not work. Seeking hegemony and bullying others will not work and will lead the world to nowhere but a dead end.”

While Xi never mentioned the U.S. by name, his rhetoric was certainly directed at America, as tensions between the two countries continues to escalate.