Chinese Police Are Operating On U.S. Soil, Expert Reveals

( An expert in security policy believes that the 54 police service centers that the Chinese government established outside of the Chinese mainland, including one in New York City, may potentially be used for sabotage or espionage.

According to Frank Gaffney, executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, such outposts are a component of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) strategy of transnational repression on a worldwide scale.

Gaffney said that the Chinese are not only ordering individuals to return to China and face prosecution, but they may be giving them directives to conduct other things like espionage, recruiting, influence operations, sabotage, or subversion.

He said we must “guarantee that these things do not continue.”

Gaffney characterized the regime’s police activities as instruments of “reaching out and not just touching but garroting persons” who they want to either remove from wherever they may be and send them home to face trial there for whatever reason.

The Chinese Communist Party might “compel foreigners to China to endure whatever fate the Chinese Communist Party would have in store for them.

According to the report of the police service centers working in 30 locations across five continents, approximately 230,000 persons have been forced to return to China. That is an astounding indictment of what these service centers are doing.

According to a study by the human rights group Safeguard Defenders, “China says 230,000 suspects of fraud and telecom fraud were successfully ‘persuaded to return to China from April 2021 to July 2022.”

Given that there isn’t a reciprocity agreement in place that would let the FBI operate in China, Gaffney said that he thinks the operation is likely illegal under U.S. law.
Gaffney called for a prompt inquiry to determine the nature of Chinese activity in New York, given the possible harm it may represent. He said we must delegitimize it and combat its influence operations at every opportunity.

“The U.S. must exert pressure on other governments to end such activities in their territories, notably in Canada,” he concluded.