China Warns Biden Not To Interfere With Hong Kong

( Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned U.S. President Joe Biden not to “interfere” with Hong Kong, as the Chinese Communist Party ramps up its campaign to assert total control over the former British territory.

President Xi’s warning comes as Western concern about Hong Kong grows and protest in the region continue. On Tuesday, Beijing issued a statement urging the United States not to get involved with its “internal” affairs.

A recent report by the Financial Times revealed that the U.S. government is planning on informing companies about the operational risks they could face if they do business in Hong Kong or Xinjiang, the latter of which is a region plagued by horrific human rights abuses. It is the region of China where Uyghur Muslims are forced into “education” camps where they are routinely abused and even enslaved.

China responded to the report by claiming that laws in Hong Kong will protect foreign companies operating in the territory.

The Chinese Communist Party also said that President Joe Biden, the White House, and his officials have no place in the debate over Hong Kong’s self-determination.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said that the Chinese government has repeatedly stated their position on the Hong Kong issue that they oppose “U.S. interference” in the matter.

Zhao also wrongly claimed that Hong Kong Basic Law and other laws “clearly protect the rights and interests of foreign investors.” He did not explain, however, how foreign investors are protected in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s electoral law changed in May, reducing the influence of the direct public vote and giving the Chinese Communist Party more power over what happens in the country. The huge electoral changes represent a renewed push by China to assert control over the territory and push back against Western calls for the liberations of Taiwan, which is overwhelmingly anti-Beijing.