China Unveils New AI To Track People’s Negative Thoughts About Tyranny

( According to recent reports, scientists in China have built an artificial intelligence system that can evaluate the degree to which individuals are open to “thought and political instruction.”

A report outlining the system was made available on the internet on July 1, but it was taken down shortly after it was posted. Didi Tang, a correspondent for The Times newspaper who is located in Beijing, was the one who gathered the facts, though.

Facial recognition and brain wave scans were just two ways to collect data on people’s mental processes that were included in the system, which the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre purportedly built.

According to a story in The Times, researchers instructed 43 members of China’s governing Communist Party (CCP) to engage in party teachings. At the same time, they were being observed as part of a study. A video showed one of these volunteers sitting at a kiosk and reading through articles promoting the party’s policies and accomplishments.

Although it was unclear exactly how the system would collect data for face recognition or brain scans, it was implied that security cameras would be engaged in managing the latter. In addition, it is unclear how the technology might be utilized in a more general sense outside of a regulated setting.

The research paper noted that “on the one hand, the system can assess how party members have absorbed ideas and political instruction. On the other hand, it will supply genuine facts for thinking and political education, allowing the latter to be enhanced and improved.”

This study may be used with China’s ongoing initiatives to bring its population’s ideologies into line with the government’s.

It is common knowledge that China uses an application (app) that the general public is urged to download and utilize to understand further the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its leader, Xi Jinping. It is estimated that over one hundred million people use the application that is known as “Study (Xi) Strong Country.”

This program allows users to read official media stories and brush up on Xi’s activities. According to an article published in 2019 by The Guardian newspaper, users may also earn points by participating in quizzes that include questions about Xi. The software also has social functions, such as making video calls and sending messages.