China Says War With U.S. Could Break Out At Any Time

( In an article in the state-run Global Times, China has kicked up its saber-rattling over the United States’ support of Taiwan. Decrying what it called “collusion” between Taiwan and the US, the Global Times warned that World War Three could happen “at any time.”

This article followed on the heels of China’s military sending nearly 150 Chinese warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace from Friday until Monday. On Sunday alone, 39 fighter jets passed to the south of Taiwan – setting a single-day record for Chinese incursion. That record was broken on Monday when 56 jets breached Taiwan’s airspace.

The Global Times article condemned the US and Taiwan, claiming that the situation leaves no room to maneuver and is now “teetering on the edge of a face-off.”

On Tuesday, President Biden said that he spoke with China’s President Xi Jinping about Taiwan, saying that he and Xi agree that both nations would abide by the Taiwan agreement.

Problem is, the phone call President Biden was referring to took place nearly a month ago. And it is not clear what specific agreement he was talking about.

Oh yeah. This is the guy you want to have in charge when China starts threatening war.

It’s possible President Biden was referring to Washington’s long-standing policy that maintains that the US officially recognizes Beijing rather than Taipei. Or he could have meant the Taiwan Relations Act which makes it clear that the United States’ decision to establish diplomatic ties with Beijing instead of Taiwan is based on the expectation that Taiwan’s fate is determined by peaceful means.

Global Times editor Hu Xijin tweeted on Monday that it is “only a matter of time before Taiwan’s separatist authorities fall.” Hu described the 120 incursions over Taiwan as a “military parade.”

Another Global Times editorial said the quiet part out loud, admitting that the show of force was to familiarize Chinese military pilots with “battlefield conditions” so that once China orders an attack on Taiwan, they can fight like “experienced veterans.”

In an article published on Tuesday, Taiwan’s President Tsai warned that if Taiwan falls, there would be catastrophic consequences “for regional peace.” President Tsai said she hopes for a peaceful coexistence with China, however – and that if Taiwan is threatened, it “will do whatever it takes to defend itself.”