China Says No “Army Force” Can Stop Its Takeover Of Taiwan

( Now that President Donald Trump is out of office, China is getting braver than ever. On Monday, the Chinese Communist Party sent a message to the United States via a government spokesperson, insisting that the country’s desire to “unify” with Taiwan cannot be stopped.

And by “unify,” of course, they mean invade a sovereign country.

During a Foreign Ministry press conference in Beijing, spokesman Zhao Lijian warned President Joe Biden and his administration from taking any further action on Taiwan. As it stands, the United States is continuing to provide military and financial assistance to Taiwan to help the country defend itself, as Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to insist that his country will work to take over Taiwan and claim it as communist territory.

While the United States is still technically in favor of protecting Taiwan from Chinese invasion, providing military support to the island, the White House has sent mixed signals on whether or not the Biden administration truly believes that Taiwan is a sovereign territory or not. Recently during a democracy summit, the White House forced a video feed from a Taiwanese minister to be cut after a map was shown identifying Taiwan as a sovereign nation that supports democracy and freedom. The map showed China in a different color. After the video feed was cut, a disclaimer was added that said the White House did not endorse the comments made by all speakers.

It’s unclear, then, where the Biden White House even stands on this matter.

Days before Zhao’s comments, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan commented on the situation, saying that the whole purpose of American policy towards Taiwan was “fundamentally designed” to ensure that the government is never faced with the circumstance whereby they need to answer the question about whether Taiwan should be defended from China.

Again, no clarity on an issue that really matters. President Donald Trump was pretty clear on this, however…