China Responds After Trump Called Out Their Dictator

( Even after former President Donald Trump has left the White House, the Chinese government still seems susceptible to the comments he makes about their regime. During a recent interview with popular Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, Trump said that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is a “killer” but that he “had a great relationship with him.”

Trump explained how Jinping “destroyed the world” with the way the nation handled the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and said that China now poses a “threat” to the United States from both a military and economic standpoint.

All these things are true, of course, but you won’t hear President Joe Biden saying it – and perhaps the reason why China is still so sensitive about what Trump says is that there is a very real prospect that Trump could be back in the White House within just a handful of years.

Trump also pointed out that President Joe Biden is “afraid” of President Xi, which is why he has not pressured authorities to find the real origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to Trump’s comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zahi Lijian said that Trump is the one to blame for thousands of Americans dying from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What, did they think Trump should barricade COVID-19-infected people in their homes like the Chinese government did?

“No matter how hard some hypocritical politicians try to divert attention and shift blame, they will not change the fact about their disregard for people’s life and health and botched epidemic response,” the Chinese spokesperson said.

The gall!

Zhao added that Trump was “scapegoating” China, and said Trump’s comments that China was “ripping off” the U.S. were “just nonsense.”

Well, we’ll soon see. If Trump returns to the White House in three more years, China won’t be laughing anymore…