China Moves To Slam Joe Biden’s Troop Withdrawal As “More Smooth” Than Presidential Transition

( The Biden Administration’s Afghanistan debacle has done untold damage to the United States’ position on the world stage. And nobody is more willing to call attention to that than the Communist Chinese Party.

On Sunday for example, Hu Xijin from the state-run Global Times mockingly tweeted that the people of China are joking that the transition of power in Afghanistan from the US-backed government to the Taliban went smoother than the US transition of power from Trump to Biden.

When Joe Biden was elected President, in his victory speech he vowed that he would “make America respected around the world again.” He claimed that his victory was a time “for our better angels to prevail. The world is watching America.”

Well, yes. The world is America.

It watched President “Better Angels” go into hiding while Kabul fell.

The world is watching as President “Restore the Soul of the Nation” left thousands of American citizens stranded in Afghanistan with no plan for how to get them out.

The world was watching as the President who claimed at the G7 summit that “diplomacy is back” cowered at Camp David while his emasculated diplomats sent tweets begging a bunch of tenth century throwbacks to respect women’s rights.

The world was watching as President Biden threw America’s Afghan allies under the bus and blamed them for the disaster he created with his hasty withdrawal.

The world is watching it all.

And America’s greatest geopolitical foe is laughing at us. They’re mocking the United States of America.

Joe Biden, who couldn’t stop boasting that “America is Back” has made America the butt of our enemies’ jokes.

Meanwhile, America’s allies can’t even get President “Diplomacy is back” on the phone. It was reported on Tuesday that President Biden had not spoken to a single foreign leader since Kabul fell to the Taliban.

During the campaign, Joe Biden delivered a foreign policy address in New York City declaring that “we need to restore dignified leadership at home and respected leadership on the world stage.”

Yes. We do.

But Joe Biden failed both at home and on the world stage.

He failed so badly that now thousands of Americans are trapped in Afghanistan while our enemies laugh at us.