China Deletes Claim By Reputable Scientist That Goes Against Their Narrative

( Chinese state-run propaganda media outlets are reportedly quietly scrubbing reports from its pages of a biologist from Switzerland criticizing efforts by the United States to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 vaccine. It comes after the Swiss Embassy in Beijing said that the biologist was not likely to be a real person.

It indicates that Chinese media outlets could have invented the quotes and even invented the biologist, and now they are trying to cover it up.

The biologist quoted in Chinese Communist Party-run media outlets was reportedly named Wilson Edwards. His name circulated widely in the press from late July, after reports claimed that he had experienced “intimidation” from the United States for supporting the World Health Organization’s investigation into the origins of the virus.

But he probably isn’t real.

On August 10, the Swiss Embassy in China said that there was no registered citizen in Switzerland named Wilson Edwards, and no academic papers in the field of biology have ever been published under the name.

The embassy published a social media post in Chinese and English encouraging Wilson Edwards to come forward if he exists…but he has not come forward.

The source of the information originally provided to the Chinese news outlets was a Facebook account, but that account has since disappeared.

However, archived reports show that the Facebook account said that Edwards was a biologist from Switzerland. He claimed that he had information revealing that the second phase investigation by the WHO being pushed by the United States was because of “political pressure” from the United States.

It was the perfect excuse for China to claim that further investigations are unwarranted, but it looks like their game is up.