China Claims COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping

( China is famously unreliable when it comes to data that may make the country look bad…or look good. So the news that China officially reported a decrease in the number of locally transmitted COVID-19 cases for the first time last week could be good news, and it could be bad news.

We just don’t know if it’s true.

Data from the communist nation, and a statement from Chinese vice premier Sun Chunlan, suggests that the number of cases in the country are coming under control, with just 85 new cases detected on August 4. That was a decrease of 96 cases the day previous.

The data came from the Chinese National Health Commission, and it also revealed that out of all the new cases on that day, 62 were locally transmitted. It was a decrease from the 71 reported a day prior.

According to a statement issued last Wednesday, Sun Chunlan said that efforts by authorities to stop the continued spread of the virus will overcome any “laxity of mind.” Whatever that means.

China’s national government also criticized a number of local governments in the country for not being strict enough with their lockdown measures, blaming them for allowing the spread of the new Delta variant throughout the country.

A statement from National Health Commission official He Qinghua, however, claims that the outbreak is controllable as long as state authorities begin to “strictly implement various measures” within two to three incubation periods.

Footage from China reveals how people are being required to scan QR codes and prove that they are vaccinated before passing through checkpoints in cities and on highways.

Sounds an awful lot like the road the United States is currently heading down…