Celebrities Issue Mixed Reactions On DeSantis’ Campaign End

Politicians and commentators delivered a mixed response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s withdrawal from the 2024 Presidential race. His long-term rival Governor Gavin Newsom mocked the Republican on Twitter, announcing a “Fire sale on all Ron DeSantis merch today!”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens welcomed the news, but praised DeSantis as a “great governor.” Owens lauded Mr. DeSantis for his approach to the coronavirus pandemic, and his decision not to apply mask and vaccine mandates. Nevertheless, she regularly criticizes him, and said he has a “personality problem.”

Country singer and Trump supporter John Rich said DeSantis’s subsequent endorsement of Donald Trump rings hollow. Rich said he doesn’t understand the Floridian’s decision to run in 2024, because if he won the nomination, a significant number of Trump supporters wouldn’t vote for him.

Transgender athlete Caitlyn Jenner called DeSantis divisive and said he hit “a new low” attacking Donald Trump with an LGBT-themed video. The film included clips of Trump expressing support for transgender people, as DeSantis introduced laws to prevent trans surgeries on minors and bar the subject from classrooms.

Donald Trump’s described the Governor’s withdrawal as “gracious.” The two Republicans have launched some ferocious attacks on each other throughout the campaign, but Trump thanked DeSantis for his endorsement and said he looked forward to working with him in future.

The former President addressed his last remaining GOP competitor Nikki Haley after beating her in the New Hampshire primary. Mr. Trump said she is an “imposter,” and told his Granite State supporters that he beat her “badly” and there is no reason for her to be “hanging around.”

Trump defeated Haley in New Hampshire on January 23 by 54.5% to 43.3%. Joe Biden won the Democrat race with 67.4%, and Dean Phillips was in second place at 19.7%. In third place, Marianne Williamson secured 5.4% of the vote.

Despite losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, Nikki Haley insists she will fight on and is looking forward to South Carolina’s election.