Celeb Divorce Gets MURKY – Breaks His Silence

The divorce of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife Firerose is turning nasty. After Firerose accused Billy Ray of psychological abuse and of abandoning her the day before a scheduled double-mastectomy, Cyrus is pulling out the big guns. He has filed new document, as reported by TMZ, claiming that she deceived him about her identity, including lying to him about her surname.

Cyrus said that his suspicions regarding Firerose’s background, including the validity of the maiden name she claimed—Hodges—after he and his attorneys unearthed proceedings from a previous divorce she’d been involved in that she’d never told him about. On those documents, they found her using a different surname.

Cyrus also leveled accusations that Firerose deliberately isolated him from one of his daughters and sewed strife in the relationship (though he doesn’t name which daughter that was), and that she insinuated herself into his personal affairs with the intent of doing harm to them.

The Divorce action between the couple as initiated by Cyrus on May 23, who petitioned for divorce from the 37 year-old Firerose a mere seven months after the two tied the knot. His initial cited grounds for seeking the divorce were “inappropriate marital conduct” and “irreconcilable differences.”

Cyrus claims that Firerose attempted to use her association with him to give her a leg up in her musical career. She, on the other hands, claims that he subjected her to verbal and emotional abuse in retaliation for her announcement that she had to get a double mastectomy, and that it was at this point that his behavior towards her changed for the worse. She further claims that Billy Ray said he would pay for the surgery, but then filed for divorce, leaving her financially scrambling. The weeks leading up to the operation—which she describes as “preventative” and included post-surgical reconstruction, were, according to Firerose, “chaos.”

Only time will tell what new revelations will emerge.