CDC Gave Facebook Misinformation, Leading To Censorship

( According to emails recently obtained as part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Biden administration, the Centers for Disease Control provided false or misleading claims about vaccine efficacy in children to Facebook as part of the government’s efforts to get the social media platform to crack down on so-called COVID misinformation.

The emails were included in documents obtained as part of a lawsuit filed in May by Missouri and Louisiana that prove administration officials throughout multiple departments and the White House were in direct communication with social media platforms to coordinate COVID messaging while suppressing the free speech rights of American citizens.

In emails sent in June, a Facebook official asked the CDC for guidance in debunking so-called false claims about the efficacy of the COVID vaccines in babies and toddlers.

In a follow-up response, the CDC official provided information that claimed the COVID vaccines are effective in protecting children ages 6 months to 4 years from serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

However, there is no data supporting the claim that the COVID vaccines are effective in preventing serious illness or death in young children.

When the government was considering making the vaccines available to children under five, CDC official Dr. Sara Oliver admitted that the clinical trials “were not powered to detect efficacy against severe disease in young children.”

According to the Epoch Times, epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Hoeg said neither Moderna’s nor Pfizer’s clinical trials provided information about whether the vaccines reduce the risk of severe illness in young children.

So why did the CDC lie to Facebook and claim the COVID vaccines are effective in protecting children against serious illness?

If the whole point of this collusion between the government and social media companies was to stop the spread of so-called “misinformation,” why provide social media companies with “misinformation?”

Well, we all know the answer.

The purpose was never to stop “misinformation” at all.

The purpose was to advance the government’s messaging while silencing anyone who questioned the vaccines to boost vaccination rates.