CCP Spox Taunts FBI With Disturbing Announcement

( A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reportedly taunted the United States FBI suggesting that they should deploy some 300,000 agents to monitor Chinese students studying in American universities.

It comes as legitimate fears about Chinese influence and propaganda across the United States continue to permeate American politics, and report after report shows how American universities and institutions have worked with various wings of the Chinese Communist Party and associated propaganda groups.

Chinese Communist Party spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on May 12 during a press conference that the United States would need as many FBI agents as there are Chinese students in America to accomplish the goal of stopping Chinese espionage in the United States.

The statement may well have been a bad attempt at brushing off concerns about espionage with humor, but it might not necessarily be a joke. Nobody truly knows who is working for the Chinese Communist Party at any one time.

“The House member should set 300,000 positions, or at least 150,000 to surveil them, which can at the same time solve the US’ unemployment problem,” Hua said during a press statement.

She was referring to Republican congressman Andy Barr who called on the FBI to create 56 new FBI agent positions to address China’s ongoing efforts to infiltrate and influence the United States.

Only recently it was revealed that the Harvard Kennedy School, a prestigious public policy school, has been sending delegates of students to China for several years under a scheme run by a Chinese Communist Party front group.

Delegates of 18 students are sent to China every year under the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a propaganda program run by a high-ranking official from China’s United Work Front.

At this point, maybe 300,000 FBI agents working on countering China propaganda might actually be a good idea…