CBS Anchor Floats Plea Deal For Hunter Biden

( Last weekend, CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan suggested one possible course of action the Justice Department could take concerning Hunter Biden is to offer a plea deal.

During her interview with former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Brennan brought up the October report that claimed FBI agents have gathered sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Hunter Biden, asking Holder how he would handle the case if he were still Attorney General.

She asked Holder if he would consider offering a plea deal or if the Attorney General would be “boxed in to take a hard-line position” since he works for President Biden.

Holder said there were “career lawyers” as well as FBI agents working on the Hunter Biden investigation and the attorney general would want to listen to their recommendations and “make a determination based on the facts and the law.”

Holder explained that defendants shouldn’t be treated “more harshly” based on who they are or whom they are related to. At the same time, Holder said the defendant shouldn’t “be given breaks” either.

Hunter Biden “should be treated as former President Trump should be treated,” Holder explained, adding “just like any other American citizen.”

Really? Like the American citizens who have been held in jail without bail for nearly two years on charges of trespassing in the Capitol on January 6?

Holder told Brennan that if a defendant is culpable, he should be liable for his actions.

Unsatisfied with Holder’s answer, Brennan clarified that, ultimately, the decision on what to do with Hunter Biden will “come to the Attorney General’s desk.”

Holder said that would be how he would do it if he was still running the Justice Department, adding that he expects that Merrick Garland would do it the same way. He said the decision on what to do about Hunter “will be made, I suspect, in Washington DC.”