Carlson Documentary on Jan 6 Questions FBI Involvement

( Last week, Tucker Carlson posted a preview video for his upcoming three-part series on Fox Nation “Patriot Purge” – a documentary on the January 6 riot at the Capitol:

Without even knowing what this three-part documentary would reveal, the American corporate news media went apoplectic with rage over the unaired series.

Grabien compiled a montage of the premature attacks:

It hadn’t even aired yet! They had no idea what the documentary was going to present, yet they claimed it was “dangerous propaganda” that was filled with lies – all the while claiming Carlson was “inciting violence.”

How would they know? Well, they didn’t know.

Every second of their hysteria was based on that one-minute and twenty-three-second preview Carlson released last Wednesday.

But the media weren’t the only ones to fly into a rage over that preview.

January 6 select committee token “Republican” Liz Cheney expressed her disgust and anger as well.

In a tweet tagging Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch and Fox Media CEO Suzanne Scott, among others, Cheney blasted Fox for providing Tucker Carlson “a platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on January 6.” She lectured Fox News, reminding them that the election wasn’t stolen, nor was January 6 a “false flag” operation.

Again, Tucker’s series had yet to air. Cheney had no idea what the three-part documentary was going to reveal. So why the freak-out?

The series began on Monday. Part One can be seen on YouTube, however, YouTube has age-restricted access to it claiming the video contains “inappropriate or offensive” content.

In Part One, Tucker makes the case that the same “War on Terror” methods used after 9/11 are being deployed against Trump supporters. He interviews “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander as well as Revolver News’ Darrell Beattie. The segment shows all the false stories the media perpetrated about the January 6 riot – including the false claim that officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by Trump supporters wielding a fire extinguisher.

The documentary also addresses the Whitmer kidnapping case which was organized by FBI assets. It covers the dragnet deployed to track down and arrest the people involved on January 6.

While Part Two is not available on YouTube, Part Three is. And again, this video is age-restricted.

You can watch previews from all three segments at

It’s clear why the media and the January 6 select committee members don’t want Tucker’s report out there. It flies in the face of the narrative the media and the Democrats have so carefully constructed over the last ten months.

It isn’t because of “incitement” or “dangerous rhetoric” that they fear “Patriot Purge.” What they fear is that the public might learn the truth.